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The opportunity to work collaboratively with a person or a community to create an artwork is a privilege and imaginative opportunity. Often there is a back and forth dialogue to ensure understanding and purpose and other times one is given free reign with an idea..

In Christ’s Embrace
H:2.9m x W:2.7m
Fabric applique
Evelyn Martin 2008

Commissioned to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Joyful Noise Choir, a choir of 60+ children aged 7-16. Each of the children, as well as the conductor Rein Selles, contributed an outgrown item of clothing that was incorporated into the artwork..

In Christ’s Embrace
H:23 cm x W:20cm
Evelyn Martin

Watercolour design for the large fabric commission.

Reconciliation Quilt
H:1.3m x W:90cm
Fabric quilt with applique
Evelyn Martin designer 2014
Irene Vander Kloet quilter

Commissioned by Kairos Prairie North Region and presented to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a gesture of reconciliation and solidarity. March 2014, Edmonton, AB

Consider the Lilies
H:1.3m x W:1.3m
Fabric applique
Evelyn Martin 1985

Commissioned by Jim and Louise Visser to commemorate their wedding anniversary.

Windblown Trees and Grasses
H:70cm x W:1m
Fabric applique
Evelyn Martin 2004

Commissioned by Tom and Nancy Van Driel for their daughter who as a young girl wrote a poem about a windblown landscape.

The Lord is my Strength; Habakkuk 3:4,19
H:41cm x W:61cm
Fabric applique
Evelyn Martin 1988

Commissioned by The King’s University graduating class of 1988 as a gift to the institution..

Moses Meets God
H:1.3m x W:1.3m
Fabric applique
Evelyn Martin 2002

Commissioned by Fellowship Christian Reformed Church in memory of beloved member Mr. William Sinnema.

The King’s University Crest
H:1m x W:76cm
Fabric quilting with beads and rope
Evelyn Martin designer
Irene Vander Kloet quilter

Commissioned by The King’s University.

Righteousness is Like the Light of Morning at Sunrise: 2 Samuel 23:3,4
H:1.6 m x W:61cm
Fabric applique
Evelyn Martin 1984

Commissioned by Stuart Williams as a birthday gift to his partner Marian.

100 years of Blessing
H:3m x  W:1.5m
Fabric applique and quilting
Evelyn Martin 2005 artist
Irene Vander Kloet quilter
Women from the church contributed fabrics, as well as cutting, pinning and basting.

Commissioned by the Moravian Church of Edmonton in commemoration of their 100 years of spiritual presence in the Edmonton community.

This banner was unveiled on June 12, 2005 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Moravian Church’s presence in the Edmonton community. It incorporates several universal symbols of faith as well as symbols unique to Moravian church history.

Near the bottom of the banner is the present brick church building set into the green landscape of the Mill Creek Ravine. To the left of this is the hint of the former church’s steeple, reminding us of the past. Behind the church rises the bright morning sun intentionally shaped like the “Moravian Star” representing the liturgical highlights of the church calendar – Christmas and Easter. Abundantly large is the white dove, a biblical symbol of hope and new beginnings [Noah sends out the dove at the end of the flood]; naming and blessing [Christ’s baptism]; and the presence of the Holy Spirit [spreading the Gospel in many languages around the world]. We are blessed by all these aspects of the Spirit:

A new beginning as we enter a milestone in our church’s history,
The promise of blessing if we remain faithful to God’s leading, and
The ability and power to spread the gospel’s message of redemption in our
neighbourhood, country and world.

Swirling around the dove is a golden ribbon, joyfully flowing and representative in colour and texture, suggesting the 100 years of blessed existence that we give thanks to God for and celebrate as His people.


Creation’s Song (Luke 12: 22-31)
H:69 cm x W: 130 cm
Fabric applique
Evelyn Martin, 2021