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Cosmic Threads

Cosmic Threads 

How many of us take the time and effort to enjoy the mysteries and beauty of the night sky? This exhibition will take you on a tour through galaxies and star forming regions to a close up of the sun and its majestic flares. It will introduce you to the luscious colours that different gases and elements spray into the cosmos. It will confront you with the beauty and mystery of the aurora borealis and the seeming infinity of the heavens, bringing it within reach by image and imaginings.

This exhibition integrates the knowledge and skill of Dr. Brian Martin, an astrophysicist, and the creativity of Evelyn Martin, a visual artist. It is a testimony to how science can inspire the visual arts and how stunning and beautiful photographs of the heavens can be.

All of the photographs have been taken using the observatories of The Kings University which are situated east of Sherwood Park at the home of Brian and Evelyn. The technology used to create the high resolution photographs, which have been reproduced on canvas, will be explained in the text labels and the images will be titled with their astronomical names.

Evelyn’s tapestries incorporate the textural qualities of fabric, yarn, beads, sequins, Angelina fibres and metallic threads to allude to the depth, shapes and colours of objects in the night sky. Each of the stretched fabric works is a response to a photograph or series of photographs that Brian has taken.

As part of the opening reception Dr. Joachim Segger, a world-renowned classical pianist and friend, will perform piano pieces and improvisations inspired by, and responding to, the photographs and artworks.

A look at the fabric pieces and astronomical objects that inspired them…

Horsehead Nebulae in Orion
H:76cm x W:100cm
Varied fabrics & yarns,  Angelina fibres, beads & sequins
Evelyn Martin 2018
$1000. SOLD

The Pleiades
H:84cm x W:100cm
Tulle, Angelina fibres, beads & sequins and metallic & transparent threads
Evelyn Martin 2019

Spiral Galaxy
H:83cm x W:67cm
Tulle, Angelina fibres, beads & sequins; with free motion quilting
Evelyn Martin 2018

Globular Cluster
H:41cm x W:60cm
Beads & sequins, metallic threads on velvet
Evelyn Martin 2019
$500. SOLD

Solar Prominences
H:80cm x W:80cm
Yarn, fabrics, tulle, sequins; with free motion quilting
Evelyn Martin 2018
$500 SOLD

Aurora Dance
H:76cm X W:90cm
Yarn, tulle, beads and metallic threads.
Evelyn Martin 2019
$650 SOLD

December Aurora with The Big Dipper
H:62cm x W:95cm
Yarn, tulle, beads, sequins and metallic threads
Evelyn Martin 2019
$750 SOLD

The Andromeda Galaxy
H:95cm x W:82cm
Tulle, yarn,
Angelina fibres, beads and sequins
Evelyn Martin


Great Nebula in Orion

Great Nebulae in Orion
H:146cm x W:81cm
Yarn, tulle, crystals, beads; with free motion quilting
Evelyn Martin 2019

Rosette Nebula
H:84 cm x W 66 cm
Assorted fabrics and yarns, beads, sequins. Needle felted.
Evelyn Martin 2021


Tulip Nebula
H:61 cm x W: 82 cm
Assorted fibres and fabrics – needle felted.  Assorted beads, sequins and metalic threads.
Evelyn Martin 2021

Artist Satement

“Red giants, blue dwarfs, globular clusters, star nurseries”; these are some of the terms that an astronomer uses to describe the night sky. These descriptive words not only identify objects in the heavens, they conjure up delightful images for the visual artist.

I have been inspired by the photographs that my astronomer husband Brian, takes of the objects that intrigue him in the night sky. I have selected a number of these images and have interpreted them in materials I love to work with; fabrics, fibres, metallic threads, sequins and glass beads.  Using fabric and texture for this project has helped me discover the night sky as a place of warmth, mystery and delight.

I begin by perusing the astronomical images and play with compositional possibilities; focusing on colour, texture and emphasis. Once the composition has been determined, fabric is chosen and the layering begins. The contrast areas of the light regions are created by appliqued pieces of cloth with gradation made possible by the use of shimmering Angelina fibres, which are manipulated, ironed and sewn onto the base fabric. Shredded wool and acrylic fibres are combined to create the tonal variations of gaseous clouds. Layers of tulle are placed over top to create more subtle colour changes and to help secure and protect the delicate under fibres. Glass beads and metallic thread designs are sewn and embroidered on to create the finer details of the night sky. Some of the artworks have been completed with detailed lines of free motion machine embroidery creating a quilt-like texture.